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Solutions Mentoring School (SMS) came about with the agenda for purposeful living, accountability, self-discovery and a sharpened faith walk. SMS as it is called started in 2020 and has graduated women who have gone ahead to face their purpose without fear or judgement. This platform was really inspired by my passion to see others maximize their potential, realize and tap into their hidden talents and available resources in order to become the best versions of themselves according to God’s will.


The curriculum is robust and positions you for success in today’s world howbeit derived from biblical wisdom, experience and guidance of the Holy Spirit. If you have unresolved questions and need direction in your faith-walk, marriage, motherhood, entrepreneurship, self-love, relationships, content creation and career success, then SMS will equip you with the mindset, resources, attitudes and action steps towards the right path and required solutions.


Asides one-on-one mentorship, you will also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded women across the globe. We will enjoy fellowship, share experiences, transform personally and collectively while having fun in the process.

Click the link below to join the paid subscription for monthly access. Alternatively, send an email to 

Online Class
  • One-on-One Mentorship

  • Monthly Live Group Coaching

  • Monthly fellowship/prayers

  • Periodic Live Classes with Other Mentors

  • Monthly Challenges and tasks

  • Quarterly and Scheduled 1:1 calls

  • Networking and accountability

  • Access Full Library of Live Classes and Member Resources

  • A mentee WhatsApp group for inspiration, motivation and testimonies

  • Welcome pack and resources for learning 

SMS 2022/2023 session will kick off on September 1st 2022




Lawyer & Content Creator

You are so warm and wise, God really spent time with you sis! I know I told you that I prayed with you during the 30 day challenge on Instagram but I wasn’t praying for the fruit of the womb but for the birth of purpose! God has answered my prayers in many ways than I have even realized. Everyday something new happens, I realize that it’s the answer to prayers I have long forgotten I prayed for. I truly believe my life is just about to get started. Everything I’ve been through, every experience I’ve had; it’s all brought me here and it will be for GOOD! 


Like I said before, I would do this again in a heartbeat as I believe there’s so much more to learn and uncover. In all, it was a great time spent learning about myself, my God and making a new friend. 


10/10 would recommend!




I’m so glad I enrolled for your mentoring program. You accommodated my time constraints! I felt like I had unlimited access to you. Whenever there was an issue, relationship wise or I felt like I needed a push, I could easily send you a message and you will respond. You were very accessible and ready to pour into me and the others.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and your feedbacks. My favorite challenge was the “activating wholeness in your body”. I also thoroughly enjoyed the word sharing we had once a month. It was definitely uplifting and helpful. The highlight for me is that I now speak in tongues, something I wasn’t doing before I joined your mentoring school. I was on the plane last night, the plane was turbulent and your girl was praying and speaking in tongues. Thank you for that voice note that gave me the release. It was an all-around good time, and I’m grateful I made the decision to join.



Accountant & Personal Stylist

So I had a few expectations before signing up for the program and I can say all my expectations were met ✅ Thank you for giving yourself to us (Me)

SMS was very personal; I absolutely enjoyed my one on one session with you, very insightful, relatable and practical. One advice you gave that I have decided to take personally. ” Always have a purposeful undertone” SMS was purpose reinforcing or should I say realigning- I learnt again that living a purposeful life is doable with God & intentionality. SMS was fun! Loved our group calls; real talk, drinking water challenge, relationship talks 😂

Finally, I Love love love our continuity plan; being paired with an accountability partner.

I’ll definitely recommend SMS to others.




Before we started, I was a new mum overwhelmed with life and not knowing how to navigate my life and purpose. 

In the first week, I received the strength, motivation and push to start a business that I have been putting off for a very long time and to the glory of God, I already have my first clients. Then the challenges, OMG, I was always looking forward to what would come next. Most of those things are now incorporated into my daily life. But the best thing, is the revival of the word of God in my life. I was inspired by the way you had the word of God for EVERY SITUATION every time.


I will miss our one on one calls the most, because sometimes, it was all  I needed for clarity on specific parts.

If you ever have doubts about this program, I hope you think back to me and realise God used you to transform my life and help me readjust my crown. I honestly now put you and your family in prayers because the way you pour out unto others, honestly your best days are ahead. 

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