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Rock built homes (RBH) is all about promoting healthy love, a concept that our founder, Tolulope Adejumo strongly portrays and advocates for. This is a safe and professional space for enhancing your love life and marriages with resources and conferences. The vision of this establishment is rooted in God’s word, specifically Matthew 7:24-27 which explains the clear difference between a house built on the sand and one built on the rock. The latter is God’s intention for our homes and this does not mean that we would not experience some storms or challenges but we will be able to overcome and grow in healthy love because of our foundation in Godly principles and investment in our love life.


Through digital resources and conferences, Rock Built Homes will be able to move forward the vision of seeing more Christian homes established and sustained. Stay tuned for conference dates and tickets, merchandise drops and many other resources that will allow your relationships and marriages to thrive. For more information, check out our Instagram.

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If you are looking for one-on-one mentorship, check out Solutions Mentoring School now.

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